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We created FLEX™ Disc because we wanted to make our periods better. Ultimate leak prevention, 12-hour wear, and less cramping and irritation—these benefits are just the beginning.

disc is easy to use


FLEX disc may look big but it’s actually smaller than a tampon when you insert it. Start by washing your hands and pinching it in half.


Use your index finger to guide the front edge, tucking it up behind your pubic bone. You shouldn’t be able to feel it at all if it’s in the right place.

Wear it for 12 hours

Swim, work out, have sex, go to the bathroom, sleep, all without having to worry about leaks or changes.


Always start with clean hands. Take a seat on the toilet and slide your finger up under the front edge of FLEX disc and pull straight down, keeping it parallel to the floor.


Once you've removed FLEX disc, turn the disc upside down to empty the fluid into the toilet, place empty disc in a wrapper and dispose in the trash.

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Questions & Answers
1. How do I insert and remove FLEX?

For insertion:

Wash your hands and sit over the toilet.
Pinch FLEX in half and begin inserting it into the vaginal canal, making sure you are pushing the edge that goes in first DOWN toward the floor so that it sits at an angle and fully covers the cervix.
Push a little further and tuck the rim above your pubic bone. Make sure it's pushed past the pubic bone as far as it can go.
If it starts to leak, just take it out and try it again (practice makes perfect). Or shoot us an e-mail to and we can help you out.

For removal:

Relax. Making sure your muscles aren't tense will help with removing FLEX swiftly and comfortably. So relax. You got this!
Sit over the toilet and bear down on pelvic floor. The sensation will sort of be like that of pooping (don't worry - you won't actually poop). This will help pop FLEX out from behind the pubic bone.
With a clean finger, hook FLEX from under black rim in ""come here"" motion (or ""come hither"" if that's more your style) and pull - be sure to keep FLEX horizontal to the floor to prevent any spillage.
Place FLEX in wrapper and dispose.

2. How long can I wear FLEX?

FLEX can be safely worn for a maximum of 12 hours. After that, FLEX should be removed and disposed of. If your flow is especially heavy, you may find that you need to replace your FLEX more often.

For your first time using FLEX, we recommend trying it on a lighter flow day to get used to the fit and amount of menstrual fluid it can hold.

3. Does it work with a heavy flow?

Yes! When placed properly, FLEX should not leak or overflow. Because FLEX can hold up to 5 tampons worth of fluid, some of our customers with heavy periods say that FLEX is the only product that really works for them.

4. Can I exercise while wearing FLEX?

Yes! You can swim, workout, do yoga, climb trees, climb mountains, and all that other good stuff while wearing FLEX for up to 12 hours.

Now if you can swim for 12 hours, that would be impressive.

5. Does removing FLEX get messy?

The short answer is that yes, for some people it can get a little messy, though most customers find that it's not nearly as messy as they expected. That's because the average woman will only have 1.5 teaspoons of fluid inside of FLEX at the time of removal, and since FLEX can hold up to 6 teaspoons, the menses will usually just stay in the catch as long as you're pulling FLEX out horizontally.

Most women remove FLEX in the shower since you can wear FLEX for 12 hours (simply insert FLEX during your morning routine and then remove in the comfort of your home 12 hours later).

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